We are the Champions Ladies and Gentlemen!!!

We took glory and victory!


It is Olympians FC who have raised the USPL championship trophy this year. In a final that ended being a one-sided match in favor of the Olympians. The team managed to put on a great performance as they triumphed over their rivals Arizona FC. The Olympians defeated the Arizona FC 7-1 to take home the championship, and the tittle of USPL champions for this season.

“I would like to keep this momentum going, and chase for more championships”

stated the Olympians manager, showing some moments of happiness and relief, after an exceedingly difficult tournament. The Olympians manager also added,

“This is a dream come true for me, and the staff, to begin the first season of this franchise with a title win it’s a great success and motivation to keep going”

Now that the season is over with a more than unimaginable success for this first-year team. The team plans to keep working towards becoming a stronger team and defend their championship crown next season.