We have done a demographic study on the performance not only of football but also of academics and above all of the emotional state of our citizens, especially our young people and children. Most football clubs, academies and institutions have neglected the technical, academic and emotional state of most of the players who make up their clubs, for what purpose? I do not understand.


We feel the responsibility and a mutual passion to guide our members to a level of success. The world does not consist only of football. We live in a world of enormous challenges, especially for our future generations, and this is an avenue to express and develop our experience through the principles of football. Our football development institution consists of three stages of quality recreation, training and professional development.


We will develop the mood and emotional state of our members with the sole purpose of developing a culture of safety, responsibility and self-sufficiency through soccer including technical and physical part.


No member will be excluded from football training, but the most important thing will be the emotional and academic mental development of our members. Each member will be guided and trained to be self-sufficient and productive in both their social and professional life. In conclusion, our football development institution is committed to developing quality citizens.


The second part of the development of our members is the most important part, where the player enters the principles and fundamentals of the formation that includes his emotional, physical, mental and academic state. Each member will be studied at the first stage based on both their technical and emotional skill to determine the character and level of the player. This is to determine the direction of the next 5 years of training, either academic or as a professional football player through our experts with extensive knowledge.


It is mandatory that every mentor, director and instructor that is part of our institution is trained in a professional way and certified by our professional technicians. In the technical and physical part of soccer we will form a close relationship with local, national and international universities, so that they will come to complete their internship for majors in nutrition, sports psychology, mental physics etc with the organization. We will unite the world with the fundamentals of soccer both medical, academic and financial soccer technicians to carry out our mission.