OLYMPIANS FC Inc. is a young professional soccer institution and team in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Our history is young but the important thing about our institution is the elements that make it up. We have coaches with experience in national and international clubs with full knowledge in the development and training of high level professional and amateur players, as well as world renowned educational institutions. Our history does not start here, we have been developing young people through different parts of the world with the principles of professional football and a philosophy of high performance both academic, amateur and professional.


As president and founder of this institution, in my 30 years of experience as a businessman globally I have not known any institution that has been formed only to recreate and entertain its members, institutions are born, are formed with a purpose. A dream and a vision of success and development of those who are part of it. In this case we will talk about our institution and football development, why and what for and how we will do it.


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